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(ISSAK) International Summer School of Architecture & Engineering Kazan 2016


Challenges and Solutions for Sustainability” offers an intensive 10-days programme of architectural & engineering education engaging students in experience to explore architectural theory and practice in Urban Development, Architectural Design and Engineering.

The full time course provides challenging brief and an international advanced programme of methodological training, lecture sessions, master classes, excursions, workshop including group discussions and presentations. Students attending the programme will gain understanding of the both “architecture” and “engineering” aspects addressing the theory, practice / design of engineering structures, architectural complexes, urban and building environment, practical knowledge of integrated design approach & projects, representative aspects in design.

Students attended a series of lectures on topics related to the latest trends in architectural design. In the lecture "Problems of identity and diversity in contemporary architecture," presented by Elza Bashirova, the basic concepts were analyzed and the experience of solving such problems in the practice of different countries was described. Students used the received knowledge in work on a collaborative project for the territory within the historic center of Kazan.

To work on the project of reconstruction of the embankment of the lake Kaban, students were divided into three international groups, each of which consisted of both architects and engineers. While architects were developing the concept of the organization of public spaces in the territory, the engineers worked on a constructive part of the project, choosing constructive systems and materials, performing technical calculations. Thus, in an atmosphere of mutual goodwill the students managed to complete the project at a high creative and technical level.

During the summer school students were given the opportunity to participate in a master class "Speculative Utopia. Future Shapes " presented by architect and researcher Egor Orlov. Methods and techniques proposed to the participants of the master class, in the most general sense, give an idea of the futuristic architecture design method. This out of the common experience allowed the students to look at the architectural creativity as a process of prototyping the future landscapes and the characters that inhabit these landscapes.


At the end of the official part of the summer school, each group of students presented their project in the form of a multimedia presentation. Students talked about the concept of the architectural design of the waterfront area and presented the preliminary drawings, models and technical calculations of structures used in the project. The presentation of each project was accompanied by a lively discussion. At the end all the experts expressed their views, comments and suggestions to the project authors and all agreed in opinion that each team and the whole event in general were successful. The KSUAE rector Rashit Nizamov presented certificates to all the participants of the summer school.


The final presentation of the projects:

Final presentation of the workshop. Group 1

Final presentation of the workshop. Group 2

Final presentation of the workshop. Group 3


Excursion to the Bulgar. Students and professors had the opportunity to visit the ancient capital and to see the original evidence of the ancient Bulgarian civilization greatness. The tour to the museum and the examples of monumental architecture review made a strong impression on our guests. Guests also appreciated the fascinating Kama views.



Visit of V.I. Lenin House - Museum is one of the oldest museums in the city of Kazan; it was opened on November 7, 1937.   The museum is located in the central historical part of the city. It is a typical example of the wooden urban estate of the second half of the XIX century. Ulyanovs lived in this house only 9 months, but this period was an important step of shaping his political views for V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin. Exhibition of the V.I. Lenin House-Museum includes memorial things, illustrative and documentary material, photographs, and books, revealing V.I. Ulyanov's biography and biography of his family and giving an idea of Kazan of the end of the XIX century. Memorial home furnishings are reconstituted in six rooms, which were occupied by the Ulyanov's family


Visit of "Kazan Steel Profiles" factory

The students of Canadian International College of Egypt and students of Jiaotong University of Beijing, after a friendly football match with the students of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering in summer camp


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